National Federations

Why become a National Federation of ITVF?

Global Visibility
Technical Expertise
Financial Support
Representation and Governance
Diplomatic Channels
Networking Opportunities
Cultural Exchange

How to become a National Federation of ITVF?

  • 1
    Fill out our application form and send it to ITVF
  • 2
    ITVF Team contacts you shortly and shares membership related materials and documents
  • 3
    Send your project plan to ITVF Team
  • 4
    Introductionary meeting with ITVF representatives
  • 5
    Payment of application fee of 5000 EUR
  • 6
    ITVF provides a Candidate Package and the official Candidate Letter supporting the launch of table volleyball
  • 7
    Start of sports development work based on the previously compiled project plan
    + ITVF Team shares all necessary support and information with your team
  • 8
    Fulfill all requirements set out in the Candidate Level KPI list within 6 months
  • 9
    Official ITVF notification on obtaining “Mandate” status in form of a Mandate Letter
  • 10
    You become an officially registered National Federation representing table volleyball in your country
  • 11
    ITVF Executive Board decision on officially recognized National Federation status