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Exciting matches at TEQVOLY™ Promotion Tour Badalona!

The TEQVOLY™ Promotion Tour 2024 brought excitement and athleticism to the sandy Pont del Petroli Beach of Badalona on June 1st and 2nd.

The event saw 12 women's teams and 16 men's teams compete in table volleyball, representing 11 nations. The matches were fiercely contested, showcasing the athletes' agility and teamwork.

Spectators enjoyed a festive atmosphere with music, making it a perfect weekend outing for families and sports enthusiasts alike.

Maribel Zamora, President of the Catalan Volleyball Federation expressed her enthusiasm regarding the event: "This event has not only been a wonderful opportunity to promote volleyball, but it has also put us on the international map of emerging sports. The collaboration with the International Table Volleyball Federation represents a significant advancement in our international relations and the integration of new sports into our athletic offerings."

Ivan Zaytsev, professional volleyball player and co-founder of the Ivan Zaytsev Volley Academy shared the following thoughts about the competition: "Badalona has been such an experience, it was the first time for me trying the table and I’m really into this new format! A lot of volleyball players drive their career on strength, on being explosive, but sometimes it is not enough, you have to think of what you are doing, and surprise your opponent. Well, table volleyball helps this way, it gives you a different mindset, a new perspective. This is a new fantastic and challenging way to improve your ability, on sand, on court, everywhere. And don’t forget to have fun!"

Gábor Borsányi, President of ITVF also expressed his delight: "Here in Badalona, ​​the European conquest of a new volleyball-based sport, table volleyball has begun, for which we are very grateful! Our undisclosed intention is to create value through sport, which is extremely important in this fast-paced, accelerated world."


Women's category:

1st: Grace Frohling - Hannah Rable

2nd: Veronica Corcoran - Victoria Corcoran

3rd: Anna Molnár - Lili Széles-Neizer

Men's category:

1st: Adam Homan - Drew VanZwieten

2nd: Ivan Zaytsev - Michele Baranowicz

3rd: Lucas Agustin Barreda - Julien Guyonvarch

Click here for other results: https://volleyballlife.com/tournament/20830?tab=results

Congratulation to all teams for the great matches!

Stay tuned for more updates and future tour dates as TEQVOLY™ continues to captivate audiences around the world!