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Team Smack is unbeaten at the SoCal series

The second round of the SoCal series was a blast! 7 teams were playing alongside to reach first place and become the champion of the 2nd stop!

The teams were divided into 2 groups in the beginning then the 2 first places of groups were waiting for their opponents from the first round of the playoff. Team Smack and Laco finished at the top of their groups and after winning in the semifinal they were facing each other in the final. Both teams were unstoppable but the first-round finalist, Team Fitstop almost catched Laco in their group matches. 

In the end, Team Smack won the final match (50-39) and collected their prize from our Co-founder and president of ITVF, Mr. Gábor Borsányi.

The results:

1. Smack - Macy Jerger, Hannah Rable, Dylan Maarek, Curt Toppel 

2. Laco - Judit Kolada, Lacie Coccia, Marcus Carvalhaes, Tate Calles

3. Fitstop - Monique Morris, Halle Hunt, Brian O'Neil, Philip Burrow / Net Gains - Frank Field, Kyle Field, Iya Lindahl, Kahlee York

5. SD Wild - Leanna Jadus, Deketa Stubblefield, Travis Schoonover, Nick England / Root & Fruit Nutrition - Victoria Corcoran, Veronica Corcoran, Trevor Biggs, Steven Irvin 

7. Checkmate - Amanda Harnett, Amy Ozee, Nick Rable, Trevor Van Uden



Results of group stages

Group 1

Smack - SD Wild 50-23

Root & Fruit Nutrition - SD Wild 48-50

Smack - Root & Fruit Nutrition 50-36

Group 2

LACO - Checkmate 50-25

Fitstop - Net Gains 50-33

Checkmate - Net Gains 31-50

LACO - Fitstop 50-48

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Check out the photos here!